I completed Invisalign treatment over 7 years ago but neglected to wear the final trays to hold the placement. I recently came across the "Before and After" pictures and was somehow stunned to see that my smile now looked like the "Before" picture. Thankfully, I saved every tray and am determined to return my smile to the $5,000 "After" pictures.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Day 2

Ouch. Took Motrin to sleep more comfortably last night. Now I can relate to my teething toddler. Moving teeth is painful.

Truthfully, I second-guessed my decision to head back down this route again more than a few times today but am keeping my After pictures handy as my motivator.

Will post pictures soon.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Invisalign: Week 1

After a baking soda rinse to remove the almost-9-year-old residue on the tiny but mighty trays, I tried out several trays hoping to find that the later sets fit. Wishful thinking. The lower tray that fit best was #3 (out of 27) and the best fit for the uppers was #7 (out of 20). Each tray is to be worn 24/7 (except to eat or drink) for 2 weeks. So I'm looking at almost a year for the lowers and 6 months for the uppers. Hmmm...wonder if I can't switch them weekly?

I had almost forgotten this feeling of pressure on my teeth, but knowing in advance the results to come, the pain is more than bearable.